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Process of Pursuing Ph.D. (DAVV University)

Initially before proceeding to the actual steps and series of events, it is important to notice that this Ph.D. does not fall under category of paid Ph.D.* and an individual can pursue this process along with any kind of Job(Academic or Corporate or none) as well.

*One can only apply to paid Ph.D. (where you get monthly stipend for doing research at university), when one is NET (JRF) Qualified.

Stage I- DET Exam

The first stage would be to appear in Entrance Exam named DET.A candidate need to apply for appearing in this exam by paying the exam fee and successfully submitting the application form. Initially this exam was conducted with OMR Sheets and manually but now it is conducted in online mode wherein a candidate is allotted time, roll no. and centre of examination. Although the exam has no negative marking but scholar needs to qualify a basic minimum cut-off.

Stage II- RAC Interview

Once the Stage I is clear, the candidates result will be displayed on DAVV Website or at IMS, DAVV- Notice Board. Then the next update of being present in (Research Advisory Committee ) RAC Interview is updated on DAVV website. A scholar shall have clarity about a few questions like; purpose of doing research, area of research, choice of supervisor for guidance, etc...This process leads to no rejection of candidates/research Scholars.

Stage III-Coursework Classes

Once the Stage II is clear, the candidates result will be displayed on DAVV Website or at IMS, DAVV- Notice Board. Also the information regarding the time table and schedule of coursework classes will be displayed along. These classes are generally scheduled on weekends for the ease of working professionals in attending the classes. The Agenda of these classes is to get the scholar familiar with process of research and gain the subject knowledge to implement during the Research process. Various subjects taught during these classes are Research Methodology, Literature Review, SPSS Software, Computer Applications, Statistics, etc,.

The assessment of these Coursework is done in three parts:

  1. Assignment (20 Marks-one/two- may be handwritten or typed)
  2. Written Final Exam(80 Marks-Subjective Paper for each subject)
  3. Viva-Voce (A panel of examiners will take this)

A Mark sheet consisting of consolidated marks is generated for scholars. This Stage ends with a base knowledge of ways to proceed with Research Process.

Stage IV- RDC Interview

A scholar presents a short presentation of his/her proposed work in front of Research Degree Committee .The committee is designed to help scholars finalise their topic and area of research interest and the Panel may suggest minor changes in the topic as well. Once the topic is approved then it will remain unchanged and hold final for proceeding with research. A letter will be generated to Candidate highlighting the date of Topic Finalisation, Topic, Supervisor Name, Co-supervisor Name and Research Centre Details.

Stage V- Pre Submission Viva

A candidate can plan to complete the research Process in Minimum 2 years and maximum 5 years as per Ordinance 18 of DAVV , post which scholar needs to apply for extension. Once the Data collection, thesis compilation is done, scholar will need to present his/her work before the faculty members in Research Centre to seek any kind of advice or correction in current research work. This is called as Pre Summary Submission Presentation/Viva.

Stage VI- Summary Submission

A scholar needs to submit a short synopsis of Research work in a document file highlighting on major chapter in total with 20-25 pages. All the copies will have signature (of all mentioned names on cover page) and seal (Research Centre & Director) .Three copies will be submitted to University along with a CD consisting of the file content in readable format. One copy each will be submitted to Supervisor, Co-supervisor (if any), Research Centre and one copy shall be kept with candidate as a proof of submission.

Along with the above mentioned copies of Summary, an envelope sealed & signed by Supervisor (consisting of proposed Examiners Name ) will be handed over in Ph.D. Cell.

The Purpose of submitting this summary is; first the Research work is near to completion and second, these synopses are sent to examiners (name proposed by Supervisor/co-supervisor) for accepting the proposal of being Examiner to evaluate the Current Thesis.

Stage VII- Thesis Submission

Within a month of summary submission a research scholar can submit the PH.D. Thesis in numbers mentioned below, also the fee (amount pre determined by university) needs to be submitted at DAVV Fee Counter.

  • Three copies will be submitted to DAVV Ph.D. cell.
  • One copy to Supervisor
  • One copy to Co-Supervisor
  • One copy to Research Centre (to be kept in their Library)
  • One for candidate (Research Scholar)

Stage VIII- Final Ph.D. VIVA

Once a scholar has submitted the Thesis to DAVV, the next task is to be prepared with a PowerPoint presentation of your Research work. After the thesis Submission, your thesis will be sent to Examiner within a week-months time. Once the examiner reads the thesis, he/she is supposed to send a report of the thesis to university and then the viva date can be finalized, once the report has been received from any of the 2 examiners (to whom the thesis was sent).

Conducting Viva

Before Covid19 Pandemic, Viva Voce of research Scholar was conducted at research Centre where EXAMINER, SUPERVISOR, CO-SUPERVISOR (IF ANY), RESEARCH SCHOLAR, RESEARCH CENTRE HEAD and other faculty members and research scholars of the Institute were to be present mandatorily and the viva voce is also Recorded on camera (A CD of which is submitted along with the Final Report to DAVV).

Post Covid19 Pandemic, University has given a choice of conducting the final Viva Virtually where Google Enterprise Version can be used as a platform to conduct the viva successfully.

Stage IX- Notification

Once all the documents, reports and other such formalities are completed at supervisors end and are submitted to DAVV and verified by them, the next is releasing an official Notification on DAVV Website stating your credentials and announcing you being awarded Doctorate of Philosophy. This notification is generally released within a week/month of you documents submission in DAVV.

The prime step is to check your name for any kind of spell error(In case of spell error, an application needs to be submitted at Ph.D. Cell in DAVV and you have to wait for release of next notification wherein your corrected name would appear).

Only after this formal Notification one can proudly and officially use Dr. as prefix with their Name.

Stage X Apply for Degree...

A course is incomplete without a formal Degree. So the last step is to apply for Ph.D. Degree. One can apply for degree online through mponline portal and degree will reach your address within 7 days.

You can also officially announce your achievement in Newspaper (Local/National) or any other social Media.